Manufacturer of warm, energy-efficient wooden houses – comprehensive projects

We are a company that builds timber frame houses – year-round and summer. Our services are comprehensive and – in addition to the construction itself – also include documentation and formal issues as well as advice at every stage of the investment. The constructions of W.G Partners are durable and functional, as well as energy-efficient and exceptionally stylish. See our offer!

Wooden modular frame houses from W.G Partners – solid, warm and energy-efficient. They will survive without renovation for up to 70 years!

Our modular timber-frame houses are year-round buildings – tested in temperate and cool climate. T These types of objects are popular i.e. in Canada and scandinavian countries. In Poland and other European countries they become more and more popular.

Construction of our timber frame houses, thanks to its modular design, is extremely fast and can be done regardless of the weather. Complete buildings are resistant to extreme weather conditions, energy-efficient, warm and exceptionally comfortable to use. More important, W.G Partners modular houses are lightweight, so they can be erected on low-bearing soils. We offer a wide selection of modern designs of stylish and practical houses without permission. Check it out necessarily!

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Construction Solidarity

Structural robustness

Modular wooden houses W.G Partners are adapted for year-round use. We build from Swedish, certified C24 wood, which creates a human-friendly microclimate inside the building and is adapted to low temperatures. Structures that were made of it, will last up to 70 years without renovation!

Fast completion

Fast completion

Our timber frame houses are built very quickly. Implementation to the raw closed state usually takes only 14 days! However, we implement the developer state on average in 4-5 weeks. Seamless construction is guaranteed by our own professional teams – we do not operate on the basis of subcontractors!

Comprehensiveness of activities

Comprehensiveness of activities

W.G Partners is a company building wooden houses, which offers its clients full support for the entire investment process. We handle official matters, supervise the construction site, deal with terminals and help to find a construction manager – all around Poland, regardless of the region.

We have already realized the dream of our own modular home for over 130 families!

Trust the experience. We have already built over 130 modular houses all around Poland. Our projects and customer satisfaction speak for themselves. We know perfectly what we do, and at the same time we work with passion. Are you looking for the best modular home builder? You won’t get disappointed by us. Location dosn’t matter – we will be happy to implement for You a selected frame house project anywhere in the country. We do not rely on subcontractors, so we can guarantee the highest quality of service!

Forget about tedious construction – with us your house can be built in just 14 days!

What is the process of building a modular house with W.G Partners?


Design selection, adaptation and applying changes

The offer of W.G Partners includes a wide selection of projects of modular wooden houses with various surfaces and room layouts. They are made in different styles, to suit every preference. Are you not convinced by the proposed solutions? In each project we can make corrections, adapting it to your individual needs and building conditions.

Project selection and changes

Verification of the site for the construction of a house

The next stage is the inspection of the area. Modular wooden houses are very light, so they can be built even on the site with low ground bearing capacity, as well as on slopes or cliffs. We have experience in the implementation of construction sites even in very difficult conditions, so if your modular house is to be built in an unusual place, You should contact us!

Verification of the construction site

Notification about construction of a modular house

Certain formalities must be kept at each construction. When you’re building your home with W.G Partners, you don’t have to worry about it. We will help you comprehensively go through the entire investment process – including notification of construction or obtaining a permit (if necessary), arranging terminals and other formalities.

Construction notification

Starting the construction of a modular house

Currently, houses with an area of up to 70 m2 can be mostly built without a permit, which significantly shortens the investment process. At W.G Partners, we will provide you with comprehensive information on the required formalities and help you complete them. We will also recommend a local construction manager if it is required The entire process of building a house is carried out by our team – without subcontractors. This ensures the highest quality of service!

Start of construction

Connecting terminals

Connecting real estate to utilities is one of the most important stages of building a house. By using the services of W.G Partners, you can outsource this to us. At your request, we will take care of everything – including the investor’s supervision over the construction.

Connecting the terminals


After approx. 14 days, you can pick up the finished frame house in the raw closed state. If you are interested in the implementation to the developer state, the construction will take only 4-5 weeks. Then all that remains is the finish and your new home is ready for use!

Finished house

Start your process now

Choose the project you are interested in and start construction as soon as possible so that in a few weeks you can admire the finished house. Bet on an experienced and reliable company building skeleton houses and enjoy the perfect implementation!

We have over 130 projects behind us and as many satisfied customers!

Bardzo fajna, zgrana ekipa. Szczerze polecam, Pan Maciej na każdym etapie
budowy, służy pomocą nawet jak zaoszczędzić, także dba o swoich klientów. POLECAM!


Współpraca z firmą W.G Partners to sama przyjemność,
zaczynając od Pana Macieja, kończąc na pracownikach –
wszyscy wiedzą co mają robić, na każdym stanowisku są kompetentni ludzie.


I rate the cooperation with W.G Partners as very good,
at every stage of construction the gentlemen knew what I needed and how to help me.
A very harmonious team that does its job really solidly and carefully,
I sincerely recommend – we also build the next houses together.

Michał (grudza)

I very positively assess the cooperation with W.G Partners. 

Help and support at every stage of construction. Very good contact, professional advice, but above all accurate and careful execution of the agreed work. RECOMMEND!

Klaudia (sosnówka)