Modular wooden houses – see our offer

Our modular wooden houses are made in a proven technology, sometimes called Canadian. It enables fast and cheap implementation, allowing the construction of solid, year-round, energy-efficient facilities. Find out more!

W.G Partners – specialists in the construction of modular houses in skeleton technology

Modular houses are buildings created from ready-made elements. Work on the construction site consists mainly of combining previously produced modules, which is why houses are built even in 14 days! Backbone technology is one of the varieties of modular technology. In this case, the skeleton of the building is made of wood.

Prefabricated houses are durable, safe and environmentally friendly. They are also adapted to year-round use, resistant to all weather and energy-efficient. The best confirmation of their adaptation to the Polish climate is that the same technology is very often used in Canada and Scandinavian countries.

Frame houses

Year-round wooden houses and cottages – without permission

W.G Partners offers a wide selection of modular house projects. These are mainly houses without a permit (up to 70 m2) and smaller houses – built only on request. In each of them, however, you can make changes – so as to adapt it to your needs.

Our frame houses work well both for year-round residence and as summer houses. Check the available proposals and choose a project for yourself!

Possibility to personalize the project

Do you need advice on choosing a house design for your plot?

Rely on our knowledge and experience. We will be happy to answer any question. We advise both on the selection or modification of the project, as well as on the implementation of the entire investment process.

Ready-made wooden houses – see our projects and see how your modular house can look like

Looking for inspiration? See our projects and see what your new home can look like after just a few weeks of construction work!