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The Hood Barn frame house 35 m²

The Hood Barn 35 m2 is a frame house with a thoroughly traditional form that will perfectly fit into the surroundings. The gable roof with clear eaves gives the whole idyllic character. On the ground floor there is a living room with a kitchenette, a bathroom and a room, and the attic is occupied by a spacious mezzanine, ideal for a bedroom. Thanks to this, the layout of The Hood Barn house provides a clear division into day and night zones.

Visualization of The Hood Barn 35 m² project

The Hood Barn 35 m2 will work both as a year-round house and a summer house. Its simple form refers to the best architectural traditions – a block on a rectangular plan, a gable roof with an inclination of 41° and a large terrace adjacent to the two most important facades of the building. Large windows are planned on one of the gable walls, which perfectly illuminate the interior, and in winter allow you to use the natural heat from the sun.

Download The Hood Barn floor plans

Check out The Hood Barn floor plans and learn more about this functional design. Take a look at the interior plans, detailed floor plans and sections to get to know this structure better before you decide to buy!

The Hood Barn – realizacje

Sprawdź, jak The Hood Barn prezentuje się w rzeczywistości – na działkach naszych klientów. To projekt uniwersalny, który wpasuje się w niemal każdą przestrzeń.

Warto wiedzieć, że nasze domy szkieletowe powstają w zaledwie dwa tygodnie (stan surowy zamknięty). W połączeniu z minimalną ilością formalności oznacza to, że do swojego nowego domu możesz się wprowadzić bardzo szybko!

Finishing options available

Check what finishing options we offer and how much it costs. Your new home designed by The Hood Barn can be finished to the shell in just two weeks. We are also happy to take care of additional works, thanks to which it will reach the developer’s state. You decide which option you choose. Importantly, the prices are known in advance. Therefore, nothing will surprise you!

Base Plate
26 200,- netto

removal of the topsoil, bedding, compaction, execution of the foundation slab according to the design, 15 cm thick, made of B25 concrete, double reinforcement made of steel fi 6, execution of hydraulic drains, sealing, thermal insulation made of XPS polystyrene boards, 10 cm thick

Raw condition closed
125 250,- netto

The closed shell includes:

  • construction of the building c24
  • full boarding roof
  • triple glazed windows
  • partition walls
  • execution of the facade
  • seam sheet roof sheathing
  • front door

Developers status
187 230,- netto

The development stage includes:

construction of the building c24
full boarding roof
triple glazed windows
thermal insulation 15cm Isover uni mat
execution of the facade
sanitary and electrical installations (15 points)
floor on the mezzanine or attic 2.8cm spruce
roof sheathing with seam sheet
screwing gypsum boards
entrance door in the color of the roof sheathing
wooden railing on the mezzanine

Taras wraz z pergolą

foundation for the terrace drilled fi 25 to a depth of 1m, construction of the terrace made of construction timber c24 14.5 × 4.5,

pergola also made of structural wood c24 14.5×4.5, terrace sheathing made of larch boards.

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