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The Flippy Barn frame house 45 m²

The Flippy Barn 45 m2 is a functional, year-round frame house with a mezzanine. On two small levels, it houses everything needed for a comfortable life. A simple, classic shape is not only stylish, but also practical – this solution allows you to reduce the cost of maintaining the building. In addition, a well-thought-out arrangement of windows allows you to use natural energy and minimize heat loss in winter.

Visualization of The Flippy Barn 45 m² project

The Flippy Barn 45 m² is a house in the style of a “modern barn”, on a rectangular plan with a gable roof without eaves. The only diversification of the block is the minimalist dormer. Thanks to this, the project represents tradition and modernity at the same time. A terrace with a pergola adjacent to one of the gable walls is a great extension of the living room, and a mezzanine for any arrangement creates a cozy and functional space.

Download floor plans The Flippy Barn 45 m²

How can a whole life fit in a house with a built-up area not exceeding 45 m²? Download project projections and see for yourself! On the ground floor there is space for a living room with a kitchen, a bathroom and an additional room, and the mezzanine provides a lot of space for any use!

The Flippy Barn 45 m² – realizations

Are you wondering how The Flippy Barn 45 m² can look like in reality? See already completed investments and see for yourself. This extremely stylish and universal design will fit almost any plot!

Use your new frame house all year round or just as a summer resort – The Flippy Barn 45 m² is adapted to every needs. W.G Partners operates throughout Poland, and construction takes only a few weeks.

Available finishing options

Building a frame house with W.G Partners means no hidden costs and no unpleasant surprises. Choose your preferred finish package and see what’s included. We guarantee that the price will not increase during construction! What’s more, the closed shell is completed in just 2 weeks on average. Therefore, thanks to cooperation with us, you can quickly move into your dream house.

Foundation slab
9 069€ netto

removal of the topsoil, bedding, compaction, execution of the foundation slab according to the design, 15 cm thick, made of B25 concrete, double reinforcement made of steel fi 6, execution of hydraulic drains, sealing, thermal insulation made of XPS polystyrene boards, 10 cm thick

Raw condition closed
43 679€ netto

The closed shell includes:

  • construction of the building c24
  • full boarding roof
  • triple glazed windows
  • partition walls
  • execution of the facade
  • seam sheet roof sheathing
  • front door
Developer status
64 215€ netto

The development stage includes:

  • construction of the building c24
  • full boarding roof
  • triple glazed windows
  • thermal insulation 15cm Isover uni mat
  • execution of the facade
  • sanitary and electrical installations (15 points)
  • floor on the mezzanine or attic 2.8cm spruce
  • roof sheathing with seam sheet
  • screwing gypsum boards
  • stairs
  • entrance door in the color of the roof sheathing
  • wooden railing on the mezzanine
Terrace with a pergola

foundation for the terrace drilled fi 25 to a depth of 1m, construction of the terrace made of construction timber c24 14.5 × 4.5,

pergola also made of structural wood c24 14.5×4.5, terrace sheathing made of larch boards.

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